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Turbo Blower is a magnetic bearing permanent magnet high speed compressor using the most advanced technology on the market.

These compressors are widely used in aeration ponds of wastewater treatment plants. It can also be used in most processes that require ventilation.

Today, magnetic bearing blowers provide energy savings of up to 40% compared to old technology blowers. Thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to work in a wider capacity range, flow and energy optimization depending on the oxygen demand, low noise level, smart control and remote monitoring features are available.

Low maintenance and operating costs are proven. Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily placed in small areas.

The Turbo Blower is an innovative solution that increases process efficiency while at the same time amortizing the initial investment cost in a very short time by consistently saving energy and maintenance.

TYPEMedium Pressure Turbo BlowerHigh Pressure Turbo Blower
DIMENSIONS (Length * Width, Height)1800×1500, 1900 mm or 2200×2000, 2200 mm 2200×2000, 2200 mm
WEIGHT2600 kg or 3600 kg3700 kg
MIN DISCHARGE PRESSURE1200 mbar1600 mbar
MOTOR SHAFT POWER170 kW , 250 kW or 350 kW350 kW
MAX PACKAGE POWER200 kW , 300 kW or 400 kW400 kW
MIN FLOW2.800 m³/h, 4200 m³/h or 5000 m³/h3000 m³/h
MAX FLOW8500 m³/h , 12000 m³/h or 15000 m³/h9000 m³/h