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Tube diffusers are the best solution for long and narrow aeration tanks. ENKE GROUP supplies tube diffusers made of EPDM and silicone, in various lengths and sizes, with plug pendant and nipple connection options. Tube diffusers offer a great solution for package treatments or large urban or industrial wastewater treatment plants from 300mm to 2000mm in length.

ENKE GROUP leaves its customer the freedom to choose between various sizes. EPDM, TPU, or silicone membrane, ¾” or 1”, male or female connections, provides supply flexibility in line with customer demand.

The body of the Tube Diffusers is made of Polypropylene ( + 30% GFR) material and all membranes are fixed with AISI304/316 stainless steel clamps.

Membrane pores are designed in a conical shape and allow good oxygen transfer with bubbles <3 mm in diameter. High oxygen transfer provides high energy savings for many years in facilities with minimum pressure loss.

  • Tube Diffusers can be installed to stainless steel box profiles by stainless steel long nipples.
  • Also, Tube Diffusers can be installed to HDPE, PVC or Stainless Steel pipes by PP Saddles with stainless steel short nipples.
  • Connections are 3/4″ or 1” female. Also male options are available.
  • It is very suitable to be used in moving (retractable) systems.
  • Material of pipe part is PP (polypropylene) and supported with %30 GPR for UV rays and different chemical processes.
  • After the membrane is poured on the PP pipe, clamps are mounted on both sides and thus the product will be finalized.
  • When the air flow is stopped, the gaps on the membrane close themselves because of its conic structure, in order to prevent the sludge and particulate matter fill.
  • Maximum oxygen efficiency is aimed while different production techniques with carefully chosen matials.
Total Diameter (mm)676767949494121
Perforated Area / Total Area (mm)500/560750/8101000/1060500/560750/8101000/10601350/1410
Effective Area (m²)0,10,120,160,21,251,320,70
Capacity (Nm³/h)2-82-102-122-122-142-162-48
Material of MembraneEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPUEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPUEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPUEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPUEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPUEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPUEPDM – Silicon – PTFE – TPU
Total Weight (kg)0,81,11,41,251,6523,65
Outlet3/4″ or 1” 3/4″ or 1” 3/4″ or 1” 3/4″ or 1” 3/4″ or 1” 3/4″ or 1” 1” Female or Modular