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Surface Aerator is one of the industrial equipment used to enrich the oxygen values of oxygen-poor water enviroments. As it is known, in wastewater aeration ponds, bacteria used to break down microorganisms need oxygen in order to continue their existence. Since the required oxygen value for the bacteria in the wastewater cannot be provided by itself, the necessary oxygen is supplied to the pool with the help of external equipment and the bacteria are allowed to live and multiply.

It is used in all purification units that require ventilation and mixing.

It is produced in two models as pontoon and fixed type.

High Oxygen Transfer in Small Volumes. It provides homogeneous distribution and perfect mixing.

It can be operated intermittently when necessary.

It can be produced from ss 304, 316 or st 37 quality material and is made resistant to corrosion with epoxy paint.

Aeration and mixing of biological reactors can be achieved by using surface aerators. Designed at various standard sizes, they provide oxygen for specified application. Power range from 5.5 to 132 kW and they are also available with floating systems.

Our aerators are produced in motor powers ranging from 3 Kw to 132 Kw.