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Side Channel Blower is the equipment that undertakes the transfer of emitted air at low pressure or high flow. Blowers rotate their fans with the support they get from the motor. It has two different uses, vacuum or blowing.

Side Channel Blower is often compared to fans in terms of intended use. Because both are used for air circulation. But the blowers are focused on one point only, while the fans control the perimeter of the area. For this reason, while the fans reach much larger areas, the blowers work for a special area. Blower products are divided into two as double stage and single stage blowers. Blower products consist of fan, inlet-outlet and outer cover.

When you will use the blower product, you should decide the place correctly. The used area should be measured and the air flow direction should be determined. On the other hand, when you run blower products, you should check the oil level frequently. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the blower is vibrating.

Today, the blower, which occupies a very important and large place in the industrial field; It is evaluated at many points from waste water treatment plants, paper handling, suction equipment to automatic filling machines. Side Channel Blower is also known as vacuum pump or centrifugal blower.