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Piping is an important part of modern water and wastewater treatment systems, water pumping units, desalination units, cooling water systems and others. Piping systems are like veins of modern plants. The piping is used to carry water, wastewater, chemicals and mixtures from one location to another. The design, construction, operation and maintenance of various piping systems involve an understanding of piping fundamentals, materials, generic and specific considerations, fabrication and installation, examinations, and testing and inspection requirements, in addition to the local and international regulations. Piping requires the application of theory from a number of engineering disciplines, including fluid mechanics, statics, dynamics, strength of materials, and metallurgy.

ENKE GROUP offers solutions for your wastewater treatment plant pipeline projects regarding the following products:

stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, easy repair clamp, single band easy repair clamp, double band easy repair clamp, triple band easy repair clamp, flange adaptör, universal coupling, flexible coupling, valve, butterfly valve, check valve, gate valve, globe valve, insulation jacket, valve jacket, flange jacket