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ENKE GROUP is a penstock (sluice gate) supplier, manufacturing high quality, high performance water control gates for all industries as standard designs or tailor made to meet specific site requirements.

Penstocks are water control gates or structures that control flow. Penstocks also known as Sluice gates, Slide gates or Stop gates are designed for flow regulation, diversion, level control or isolation and are a flow control valve and isolation valve for fluids associated with water, waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, power generation, irrigation schemes and process plants.

Our penstocks accommodate client requirements, site specifications, environmental conditions and operational preferences.

ENKE GROUP supplies 3 types of penstocks and stoplog for  customers. These are:

Manual Channel Type Penstock & Automatic Channel Type Penstock

Manual Wall Type Penstock & Automatic Wall Type Penstock

Manual Weir Type Penstock & Automatic Weir Type Penstock