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OHS & Enviroment Policy

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It is one of our most important principles to regularly review the environmental impacts and OHS risks of each stage of our activities, and to determine and implement our goals and expectations in this direction.

OHS & Enviroment Policy

Environment Policy

As ENKE GROUP, in order to minimize our impact on the environment by choosing the technologies and processes that cause the least harm to the environment, using our natural resources in the most efficient way, and ensuring that the wastes generated are disposed of under appropriate conditions;

– To determine environmental goals and targets, to realize these targets and to continuously improve them by reviewing,

– To comply with all legal obligations and regulations related to the environment, to fulfill customer requirements and to place an Environmental Management System in order to continuously improve our environmental performance,

– To support recovery and re-evaluation activities,

– To raise awareness of all suppliers and customers about the environment,

– To continuously increase our environmental performance and to consider the environmental effects in our new investments,

– To use natural resources and energy resources economically and efficiently.

OHS & Enviroment Policy

Occupational Health and Safety

As ENKE GROUP, in order to create a work environment in accordance with all laws and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety;

– To eliminate occupational health and safety risks by taking precautionary measures,

– To provide continuous training for our employees to be aware of their individual environmental and OHS responsibilities, to continuously improve our quality, environment and OHS performance,

– To comply with laws, regulations and standards related to environmental and occupational health and safety.

– To ensure that our employees, suppliers and visitors comply with the OHS rules,

– We would like to state that we will continue our efforts to ensure a healthy working environment in our business.