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The MBBR process is designed so that microorganisms create a multiple layers of biofilm on the surface of small plastic carriers – Mbbr biomedia, floating in the reaction tank. Biomedia was designed to have perfect contact with liquid in the tank and still providing the maximum surface for biofilm growth. The biomedia plastic media carriers floats in liquid in the reactor and are kept in motion either by air injection aerobic system or by stirrers in anoxic or anaerobic systems. By moving evenly throughout the reactor biomedia provides oxygen that is needed for BOD removal and Nitrification and reduces the impurities in water as well as bulking of the sludge to minimum.


1.Effective and sustainable nutrient removal at with low nitrifying activity
2.Possible Anammox activity in biofilm reactor (MBBR) with realtime O2 control
3.Utilization of more carbon for biogas plants
4.Reduced aeration requirement (aeration for nitrification)
5.Easy upgrade to Membrane Bioreactor for reuse


Description Technical details

Diameter of MBBR Biomedia 26 mm
Width of MBBR Biomedia 10 mm
No of inner departments 19 AD
Approximate dia. of inner deprt 5 mm
Surface Area of MBBR Biomedia 650 m2/m3
Material of MBBR Biomedia  PE VIRGIN
Color Naturel