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Insulation Jacket & Flange Jacket

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Insulation Jacket & Flange Jacket

Insualtion Jackets can be used in insulation of vanes and armatures which have various diameters, found on hot and cold lines in indoor and outdoor mediums and which are produced in DIN, ANSI, API standards.They are produced using insulation and fabric materials resistant to temperature between -30 ºC and 1260 ºC depending on the fluid and surface temperature.

In addition to heat, some treatment plants apply a heating source for their processing.Treatment plants may use flame arrestors that make sure gases do not come into contact with open flames. These arrestors can pose a severe safety risk and require removable insulation to facilitate inspection and maintenance. Many northern treatment plants use heat tracing to avoid freezing in the winter months. This heat trace can be a steam trace which is powered by a steam boiler. When this process is being used, removable insulation is used to help keep the steam in the copper tubing or around the valve that is being protected.

Flange Jacket serves as an important protective cover in leakproofing and resistance to chemical attacks of harmful chemical materials. The body and binding threads of flange jackets are manufactured by special materials. Flange Jacket which we provide are made of Teflon (PTFE) material. The jackets are designed to be effective against leaks around the flange circumference and fittings.