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Flowmeters are sophisticated measuring instruments that use a range of technologies designed to measure the velocity or volume of a moving fluid, whether liquid or gas, in an open or closed channel. The type of flowmeter used will vary depending on the application. There are models such as electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, mass flowmeter, open channel flowmeter.

It is important to get help from experts in order to make the right decision in choosing a flow meter. An incorrectly made flowmeter selection causes incorrect measurements and brings additional costs to businesses.

In practice, different flowmeters and methods have been developed to measure velocity and flow, or flow events in general, with various advantages and disadvantages relative to each other.

In the case of fluids flowing in channels with any cross-section, measuring their velocity or flow rate, examining many biological and meteorological events, and in various processes of industry.

It is important for performing various experiments in laboratories.

In any flow measurement process, various factors play a role in the selection of the flow measurement device and method, especially sensitivity, capacity range and price.

You can get support from our expert sales team in choosing the right product at an affordable cost for your waste water flow meter or clean water flow meter needs.