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The filter press operates with the logic of collecting the solid particles between the filter plates and removing the liquid phase out of the equipment by filtering the sludge from the filter cloths clothed on the filter press plates. Depending on the physico-chemical properties of the solid-liquid mixture to be filtered; polypropylene, cotton, staple fibers or other raw materials. High-pressure pumps that supply filter presses can be selected from air diaphragm pumps, monopumps, gear oil pumps or lobe pumps. Centrifugal logic pumps are generally not preferred in filter press systems.

ENKE GROUP offers Economic and efficient solutions for all filtration problems from 5 liters to 18m3 cake capacities. Standart design as 8 and 16 bar and complete turn key process solutions.


  • Adaptation to individual needs
  • High degree of automation
  • Long life service and proven design
  • Small space requirements
  • Max. Filtration area in minimum amount of space
  • High filtration and dry cake efficiency
  • Several process steps such as Filtration, Cake Washing and Drying by gas or air.
  • Commonly used equipment due to robust and durable construction
  • Reliable and trouble-free operation
  • Efficient and economical solution for sludge dewatering
  • Fine filtration provided under high pressure APPLICATIONS
  • High solid matter content in sludge cake
  • Sustainable operation ability
  • Automatic washing system for filter clothes
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Low energy consumed

Dewatering rate to be taken from filter press is higher than its counterpart decanter and belt press equipment. Feeding is done by pressure pumps in the form of compressed plates with high hydraulic pressure. The solids accumulated in the inter-plate volume are removed by opening the plates. Cake discharge is designed manually or automatically depending on the system requirement and customer preference. Filter presses are used not only in treatment plants but also in different industries such as mining, oil filtration, marble, chemical, silicate, coating (zinc-phosphate) baths, acid filtration and food.


  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Glass industry,
  • Coal and mining industry,
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry,
  • Pulp and paper industry,
  • Food and beverage industry,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Agricultural industry,
  • Metal working and surface finishing industry, etc.
  • Plastics recycling plants