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Disc Diffusers

Disc diffusers are the most commonly used model for biological and domestic wastewater treatment plants. Disc diffusers are designed to guarantee the best performance, the best oxygen transfer and low operating costs with their modern designs. It requires minimal maintenance and is extremely simple to install.

Disc Diffuser Features

  • It is produced as a body made of polypropylene (30% PP GFR) and a membrane coated with EPDM, silicone and Teflon.
  • Membranes absorb the best oxygen transfer and pressure losses.
  • As models, we have models with and without a check valve.
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency and low pressure losses keep energy costs to a minimum.
  • Disc Diffusers can be installed to HDPE, PVC or stainless steel pipes by PP Saddles.
  • Material of frame and lower part is PP (polypropylene) and supported with %30 GPR for UV rays and different chemical processes.
  • Connections are 3/4″ or 1” male.
  • It warrants between 35%-45% oxygen efficiency.
  • It holds energy costs very low because of minimum pressure loss.
  • The aeration costs loom very large at total operation costs. Because of that reason, Disc Diffusers decrease the operation costs minimum.
TYPE3’’ Disc Diffuser9’’ Disc Diffuser12’’ Disc Diffuser
XTotal Height(mm)464861
Perforated Area / Outer Diameter (mm)0,002230/270300/340
Effective Area (m2)0,0390,066
Capacity (Nm3/h)2-51-81-12
Design Capacity (Nm3/h)3-55-8
Material of MembraneEPDMEPDM-Silicone-PTFE CoatedEPDM-Silicone-PTFE Coated
Total Weight (kg)0,040,61,3
Number of Slots680010900
Outlet¾’’ Male¾’’ , 1’’ Male¾’’ , 1’’ Male