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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are types of pumps whose operation is based on the principle that the impeller in the body gives centrifugal force to the liquid and thus pressurizes it. The liquid entering from the middle part of the impeller body is rotated by the vanes connected to the impeller and directed towards the pump outlet. Centrifugal pump types differ depending on the flow rate of this liquid, the diameter of the impeller, the dimensions of the blades, the dimensions of the snail-like body and so on.

It is used to dispose of liquids consisting of solid-liquid mixture such as muddy water and sewage liquid, viscous liquid and sewage water.

Different types of impellers are produced in order to press sandy and muddy waters. However, precautions must be taken against corrosion in dense sandy waters. This measure is provided by breakers.

They do not require easy maintenance and are long-lasting. It is easy to install.

The axial force of the pump is met by balancing blades. It is designed for heavy conditions.

Usage places

In the discharge of basement floor flood waters
In the pumping of domestic wastewater
In groundwater drainage
In draining swimming pool and excavation water
Emptying the drainage well
Tank and reservoir emptying