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The aerator is one of the industrial equipment used to enrich the oxygen values of oxygen-poor water environments. As it is known, in wastewater aeration ponds, bacteria used to break down microorganisms need oxygen in order to continue their existence. Since the required oxygen value for the bacteria in the wastewater cannot be provided by itself, the necessary oxygen is supplied to the pool with the help of external equipment and the bacteria are allowed to live and multiply.

One of the commonly used methods in this process, called wastewater aeration, is aerators. Working with the principle of mixing ambient air and wastewater, aerators are in direct contact with wastewater during aeration and do not need auxiliary equipment. The shallow aerator does not require an additional building and piping for ventilation. It also offers advantages in terms of initial installation cost and usage area.

Although it is used in biological reactors in treatment plants, it is also used in aquaculture production and industrial facilities.